My name is CJ Jessup. I am a proud father of 7 children and 10 grandchildren. Years ago, I made the decision to move my family to Minneapolis in order to have a better life and a brighter future. In 2020 we were hit with a pandemic that truly started to affect the entire nation. I, along with many others, was left with unanswered questions and thoughts of doubts and worry. Our long road ahead then divided even further after the unfortunate incident of George Floyd. As we all know, this incident was tragic and took place in South Minneapolis, in the heart of my home. I decided then that we needed to take a stand in order to offer positivity, create hope in our community, and to lend a hand to one another in order to come together.

There have been issues for far too long with the division within our communities. That is why I decided to create this organization. It is named 2ndChanceProject because it would provide REAL life 2nd Chance opportunities for individuals coming out of incarceration, state hospital facilities, struggling families, individuals who struggle with substance abuse, or anyone in need of a judgment free environment to get back on their feet.

I have been working in the field for well over a decade within the metro area. I am extremely proud of the role that I have been able to play in strengthening our communities. Here is a glimpse of some of the work that we have already been able to successfully create:

We started out by taking over a Hotel-To-Home program during the pandemic. This program identified encampments and people experiencing homelessness in order to move them into a hotel room. During their stay they were exposed to physical health care, mental health care, vital resources, along with connections to a housing provider during their stay. These all were all offered on site for the program participants. With the help of our amazing staff and team, along with black owned businesses in our community, 2ndChanceProject was able to take over this program and make it thrive. In turn, the crime rate within this area has decreased and has become almost non-existent.

Having such an impact on the reduced crime level within the community, 2ndChanceProject was able to foster a wonderful working relationship with local law enforcement, city management, along with city council members. 2ndChanceProject has also been able to provide de-escalation services and crowd management during protests. Having this time within our community has allowed us to grow a bond where we have been able to host successful healing circles and events such as “Heal the City” and “Toys for Tots”.

2ndChanceProject then received grants related to the opioid epidemic. This allowed us to help individuals directly affected by the restraints of opioid addiction. We have been able to help these individuals by connecting them to resources for basic necessities, recovery support, along with some financial assistance for housing expenses such as application fees.

2ndChanceProject has also been able to develop and operate our Next Step housing program for individuals with barriers to traditional housing. To better assist individuals 2ndChanceProject offers Housing Support Services and/or Certified Peer Recovery Supports to individuals in need.

After years of hard work, 2ndChanceProject has been able to secure an office location in Saint Paul, MN and we always welcome new clients who are looking for their 2nd chance.

Board Members

President, LaTricia Tate

LaTricia Tate has been working in the human services field for over 20 years. As she has over 10 years experience working with non-profit organizations that provide supportive housing while serving formerly homeless families with disabilities. LaTricia co-founded Twin Cities Recovery Project, Inc. (TCRP), helping people overcome their addiction by offering assistance and support. LaTricia is also a current board member for 1st Step Housing Consulting, a member of Governor’s Advisory Council on opiods, substance abuse, and addiction.

Secretary, Tayler Threatt

Taylor Threatt is a highly motivated, organized and career focused young woman who strives to become a role model for individuals from communities of color. She currently works as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator assisting candidates with pre employment, interview scheduling, and job placement. Taylor also has experience in payroll, medical billing, customer service, and event planning. She has strong administrative experience across multiple industries giving her a well rounded understanding of customer needs.

Board Member, William Baker

William "BakeShow" Baker is definitely “Mr. Can't Stop, Won't Stop, Don't Stop!” Born in Alton, IL but raised in Minnesota. He is a self-taught musical engineer and producer. In 2012, William Baker became known as William BakeShow Baker, an on-air radio personality for Minnesota's "The People's Station 89.9 KMOJ. Outside of music, William is greatly involved in his community as an activist, speaking out and volunteering his time to correct local injustices. In addition to this he is a youth mentor and educator, with over 20 years of work in Minnesota’s school system. A Jack of many Trades, William BakeShow Baker is a well-loved jewel to his community and family.

Board Member, Nathan Pingry

Community Board, Eunice Taylor 

Eunice Taylor is a small business owner in Greater Minnesota and a member of the Leech Lake Tribe. She has worked towards bettering her community and changing stigma around individuals with disabilities and physical impairments. As a survivor of domestic violence and addiction, she brings first hand experience and knowledge regarding real life barriers individuals encounter throughout their journey. “I was determined to pull myself up by my bootstraps and create a better life for my children and myself.”

Community Board, Paula Jackson

Paula Jackson is a long time individual in recovery, and advocate for others who struggle with substance abuse. She is an original resident of Louisiana but has lived in Minnesota for over 25 years; and has spent most of that time volunteering with individuals at treatment facilities. “I have personally struggled with addiction in my life and wanted to give back to the community. I love working with people and helping them become the best version of themselves.”


As long as, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.