How We Help

Residents of 2ndChanceProject housing program benefit from context that is based on family-style structure, accountability, and personal development with the following services:

House Stabilization Services (HSS)

Housing Stabilization Services (HSS) is a new housing program funded by federal Medicaid (Medical Assistance). HSS is a Medical Assistance (MA) benefit that helps eligible individuals find and keep housing.

Housing Stabilization Service providers can assist eligible adults with needs such as but not limited to:

  • Searching and applying for affordable housing within specific areas
  • Creating a budget
  • Understanding the lease agreement and rental process
  • Finding funding for deposits and moving costs
  • Understanding and applying for other financial assistance programs
  • Navigating housing issues with management and other residents

Certified Peer Recovery Support (CPRS)

2ndChanceProject’s contracted team of Certified Peer Recovery Specialists work to assist individuals who are ready to enter recovery based on how they define recovery. Peer Recovery Specialists use a strength-based approach to help individuals meet their goals. Peer Recovery Specialists work to build strong rapports with their clients in order to best support them with their individual recovery journey. Peer Recovery Specialists are trained to help navigate resources, assist in job searching, resume building, goal planning, advocacy, mentoring, etc.

CPRS Contracting

2ndChanceProject offers employment as a CPRS Contractor for those who have a passion for helping others. Many of 2ndChanceProject’s core team members have personally experienced the determination it takes to have a successful and sustainable recovery. This first-hand experience is not only an asset and requirement to position as our CPRS’s are better able to relate and support our clients throughout their own recovery journey. Employment as an independent contractor opens up opportunities for individuals with a past or barriers to create a career for themselves.

Next Step Housing Program

2ndChanceProject retains master leases on properties throughout the metro area. These identified properties are for individuals who have a history of using along with current use of opioids, background barriers, and low income. These identified safe spaces offer support for individuals to gain independence in a judgment free supportive setting.


Trauma Endured Awareness Recovery Support Group is for individuals in recovery that have experienced the loss of a loved one through senseless violence. During this time we come together as a community and support one another through our grief and to heal. The group is open to anyone who would like to attend.

In Need Of Support

If you would like to connect with a staff member to discuss receiving services on how we can best support you please go to the link below.






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